The ScrumMaster is not a Boss
December 5, 2015
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Still spending the night on the phone?

WorkingLate“Release night” is something of a norm in many development organizations. Not because it takes so long to deploy the software, but because there are so many unforeseen problems that need to be addressed right away.

Sometimes there isn’t away to roll back: database issues, third-party services that only have a limited window to apply changes, etc. Everyone ends up scrambling to fix what they can before daylight.

Who wants to constantly live in fire-fighting mode? Well, you don’t have to. It is possible to be confident when deploying your software products.

Monitoring your applications and your environments is a proactive strategy to protect your productivity. Monitoring is not about shifting blame; it is an opportunity to detect problems before they embarrass you in front of your customers.

In recent years, the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) market has solidified. New entrants have emerged, like Dynatrace, CorrelSense and AppDynamics. They offer different monitoring methodologies, features, and drastically different pricing strategies. Here are some of the questions I consider when refining a client’s Proof of Concept (PoC) criteria:

  • Are they a candidate for real-time monitoring, or will synthetic monitoring be adequate?
  • Must physical hardware be provisioned in addition to acquiring a solution?
  • How do you translate physical requirements if you have a virtualized environment?
  • What are the weak points of various vendors (i.e. professional services are almost always required, heavy customization, quality of support staff, etc.)
  • What are the requirements of your security organization around firewalls and other access issues?
  • How old is the application to be monitored? Legacy applications sometimes require unforeseen workarounds.

Data points abound; without careful selection, people will be desensitized to the “white noise.” They start creating rules to automatically filter those emails from their inbox without even looking at them. Clarifying your goals will ensure that only actionable alerts are sent to your team, so that you can launch to production with confidence.


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