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For all the talk about DevOps, in reality, too often we are siloed, working diligently, but with goals that seem to pit one department or team against another. As a long-time member and presenter at technical meetup groups, our principal consultant often hears these frustrations. You don’t have to struggle alone. If you need an impartial ear to bounce your ideas off of, take advantage of our free consultation.

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If you want to start the conversation in your team or in your organization, contact us. We are equally at ease with our fellow geeks, as we are with business stakeholders who have oversight over the technical team, but do not necessarily possess technical knowledge themselves. There will be no pressure to make long-term commitments. We can begin with as little as a half-day consultation where we can discuss the pain points you are experiencing. From there, you can decide whether to take it further.

Feedback is integrated throughout our interactions with you and your staff, from beginning to end. It is not an afterthought. This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions we create for you will be scalable and sustainable by your existing staff. We will not saddle you with a process that requires yet more overhead. Isn’t that nice, for a change?

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Devops Advisors is growing. If you are similarly passionate about sharing your knowledge, creating sustainable solutions, and have part-time or full-time availability, get in touch to discuss how we can work together. An availability to travel is a plus, but not required; some remote work is also available. Priority locations are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, NYC, and San Francisco.

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