Happy Thanksgiving 2018!
November 22, 2018
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Accomplish More In 2019

Want to accomplish more with your tech career?

Stop waiting for someone to notice you. In our consulting work, we come across many people like that.

Very often, you will see someone get an opportunity, not because they’re smarter or better than you, but because they have the confidence of—or friendship with—someone in authority.

Does that mean you’re stuck, and you have to start kissing up? Heck, no! That’s life, and “sugar honey ice tea” happens.

Instead of putting your headset back on, and staring at your computer, here’s one thing you can do instead.

Find something that is neglected or overlooked, and work on that. Let that be where you shine.

You can get ahead, grow in influence, and earn what you deserve.

I know how hard it is for you to reach out and just blurt out that you need help.

Watch this space, and connect with me privately to help you further.