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October 2, 2016
Ready for prime time?

Code Mirror: Ready for Prime Time?

A mirror…It can make a difference when you’re getting ready to go out, to go to a meeting, or even to have a video conference call. Taking a look in the mirror, by itself, doesn’t fix anything. But knowing that it’s about to be show time, you take extra care. The same goes for your code. A code review process is like looking in a mirror. By itself, it fixes nothing. But knowing that the review coming up will probably cause a developer to become more conscientious over time. Since Microsoft has opened up its ecosystem to open source resources like Git. Because of […]
July 30, 2016
Windows 10 Privacy

Privacy on Windows 10

Have you considered all your privacy options? Much ado has been made recently about Microsoft arm-wrestling users into upgrading to Windows 10. Personally, it’s one reason I chose to not enable Cortana Voice. A so-called “truly personal assistant,” except for the fact that my so-called assistant dictates to me. Even if you have upgraded already, you can still modify your privacy settings. Steps to Take For the quick and dirty approach, use this. If you’re truly paranoid and want something more in depth, go here.