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July 23, 2018
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November 22, 2018
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A Gentle Introduction to Azure DevOps

Watch this gentle introduction to Azure DevOps, a very powerful platform.

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Here’s what’s in this video:

05:15 Contextual menus

06:00 Services in Azure DevOps

09:58 Project filters

12:15 Different hubs for different roles (testers, security, developers, scrum masters, etc)

19:29 The transition from VSTS to Azure DevOps

26:37 Security options in the cloud

40:30 Real-time alerts and notifications

48:22 Free and paid supporting tools

50:21 Traceability: Who did what and when?

51:06 Managing projects

52:03 Continuous Integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)

57:13 Playing nice with other applications

01:01:03 Leveraging both cloud and on-premise resources

01:03:33 Keeping your environment clean

01:05:49 Inside projects overview

01:07:13 Breadcrumbs