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When we find clients who are equally excited to make a difference in their business, it becomes a passion project. Sometimes clients are not so excited in the beginning, because they may be facing regulatory challenges or are otherwise are under pressure to deliver for their stakeholders. Here are some stories about how we have helped organizations like yours stop the bleeding, and move forward, faster.

Maximizing TFS in the Enterprise

Have you ever paid a credit card bill at a department store? Ordered a movie from your hotel room? Or, set up a recurring billing payment from your checking account? If so, then chances are your transaction was facilitated by Fiserv. The reach and importance of this financial services company can hardly be overstated.

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What is the Definition of "Slow"?

How can you fix what you can’t detect? When users of your application say, “It’s too slow,” is it because of the database, the network, a third party vendor, or the application itself? Is it convincing to say performance is improving without independent data to show it? This is where the concept of monitoring comes in.

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When Speed and Security Matter

If you or someone you know has ever received a paycheck, chances are good that ADP was involved. ADP’s 60,000+ employees support some 610,000 clients around the world in processing more than 31,000,000 paychecks per day. The development teams were upgrading a number of corporate applications, but they faced an immediate directive to address security concerns in their practices.

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